The Long Haul Away From Polarity

It is as if our world has suddenly become bi-polar.

When TV became technicolour and getting rid of the black and white screens, there were mixed reactions about accepting the ‘future’. Some liked colour, others preferred monochrome.

But a drastic change happened these last years, with social media and other influencing networks pushing on a polar way of thinking. We have become accustomed to black or white, blue or red, positive or negative and the like.

Let’s take the positive and negative narrative. If you agree on something you are considered positive, if you criticise anything, you are negative. But the world as I see it is completely different. There is no plus or minus, but an array of emotions and feelings. We are simply forgetting what feelings mean, like being in awe, getting frustrating, being sad or angry, being happy. For wanting to think outside the box we are accepting the fact that others pigeon-hole our feelings into just two sub-titles. And we accept that. I do not.

And I couldn’t be more frustrated. Let us take re-loving of our homes as an example. Some are very creative and love to have their surroundings with meaningful things, memories of travels or family, and want to wake up in a bedroom that makes them happy. Then there are others who create their environment by the book. It might be whites and greys, or leaving the inside full of dark mahogany furniture, doors and what not. While some might feel good about that (not that I understand why mahogany is more precious than other types of wood), others do not feel at ease, comfortable or happy with it. And they would not paint their mahogany because others impose on them the idea of richness and priceless.

Whilst I agree that some furniture might have resell value if restored to its former glory, I tend to go on the psychological aspect of living. Just do what makes you happy. If you have a family heirloom that you might want to keep but do not feel it is right, then there is nothing wrong in re-styling, re-loving or redecorating, as long as it is to your heart’s content.

This also applies to design. Many tend to go to great lengths to have their ‘contemporary’, ‘modern’ or ‘Scandinavian’ look in their home. Then they realise that their home is still not a ‘home’; that there is something missing. Usually it is the personal touch. That one item, one favourite colour or that missing carpet or piece of furniture.

So let us sit down and think.

What am I feeling?

Why am I feeling this way?

What would make me feel better?

What do I want to achieve?

These questions will help you break the barriers of polarity. They might put you in an uncomfortable place. But they will definitely make you ponder on your inner self. This way you can extend what you feel to the outside. And make amends. Decide on what you truly want. And work for it.

Forget the new dogmas. Forget being labelled positive or negative. You are not a sticker.

Start holding on to your humanity. Start being true to yourself. Start indulging into your beauty.

And if you do not succeed, try harder.

And if you do a mistake in the process, correct it, learn from it, and head on to your next mistake.

That is life as seen from this end of the screen.

Though, by all means, I am the last person to tell you what to do. You decide.


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