Arts & Culture involvement by Carlo

Apart from being a published author, Carlo has been involved in a variety of artistic endeavours along the years. Since the age of 23 he was already immersed in the carnival world, involving himself in clay moulding, papier mache, costume design, painting, music and choreography, and much more!

Carlo has created set designs and set building for various venues, including the Sweet Factory at Popeye Village and the Etnika stage during some of their shows, and also for television programmes such as Mini Bugs and Flimkien. He has also had extensive experience in flower arranging,  painting and sculpting, and many one-off projects such as artistic installations and a theatre productions. These have involved many forms of art, including their traditional and contemporary use according to their application.

Here is an example of a video project that involved songwriting and film-making:

Carlo has also taken part in a number of local drama productions including ‘Leli ta’ Ħaż-Żgħir’, ‘Il-Prinċep tal-Warda Bajda’, ‘F’Salib it-Toroq’, ‘Ix-Xhud’,
‘Katrina’ and others. Here is an except from ‘Ix-Xhud’ where he can be seen at minutes 5.50, 11.00 and 20.35:

These are some examples of carnival floats Carlo has worked extensively on along the years: