For this Christmas and the festive season, we at Rescoli by Carlo have gone metaphorical … but even without any explanation, we just wanted a pleasing and eye-catching display for all to enjoy.

Our shop window is an original take of the nativity scene, done by using recycled materials and repurposed for the occasion. The colour chosen is pink, which is nothing in particular except that it is our favourite colour.

Let us go deeper with the explanation. The two re-loved windows represent Joseph and Mary. They symbolise every parent’s wish to protect their newly born whilst still celebrating them, so you can see the chandelier (Jesus as the light) through them.

So, the chandelier is Jesus, the light and inspiration to many. The angel wing is quite obvious, an angel, but this time is the guardian angel, or spirit guardian in the scene. The three pillars at the back are the three wise men, symbolising the strength of their power but backing a stronger one at the forefront. The baubles, coming down from the ‘skies’, are the holy spirit blessing this moment in time. And the ‘windows’ from where they are descending is the window of the Almighty looking down on us. The items on the table are the gifts.

The chair represents the throne, the kingdom, the love.

But what about ‘Dare to be You’? The main theme in the scriptures is that Jesus came to this world to change it, to get rid of the status quo, to spread love, compassion and build social justice. But for us the greatest achievement is that he was himself. If he were to be like all the other of his contemporaries, he would have been just that, one of many. But he succeeded in his message by daring to be different and showing it.

So our message to one and all is, just be different, be yourself, be unique, value yourself, be kind and most of all spread love in your own special way. And create your own mission through whatever means you think you can.

So, Happy Christmas and a 2022 full of hope and health and love and uniqueness to all of you loved ones, patrons and you who are reading this.

And if you think these words up here are bollocks, happy festive season to you too.

Just DARE 2BU …

With Love

Carlo, Mr Rescoli

the Crib
Guardian Angel
the Light
the Power
the Gifts


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