A Merry Christmas?

This year has been, and is still exceptional.

Some of us suffered the loss of a loved one for various reasons. Others suffered financially, socially and psychologically due to Covid-19 restrictions, quarantine, isolation and lockdowns.

But we all agree that this year has been particular, with some wishing to remember it whilst others trying to forget it.

The year 2020 has been a year of reflection, of thoughts and a guide for the future. And Christmas should not be less.

A personal reflection is important. We have to think of who we are, what is our journey, how to get there, and with whom. It is not just any Christmas, but THE Christmas that might change the perspective of who we are and what are we living for.

Many of us will be ‘celebrating’ Christmas alone or in small bubbles, the family cluster. It will not be easy, but a gentle reminder is needed here. Cherish the ones around you this year, see their value, find reasons for why they stuck with you, and you with them. Give them value.

Remember also that many who are not that lucky. Some are going to be all alone, others will have no means to celebrate properly, and others will not have a special day, but rather a desperate one.

This is in no way a consolation, but rather a balancing act. This act will determine our personal future and also how we will look at things in the longer term. Everything is circumstantial.

The time for taking everything for granted is over. And that shows us the fragility of the human factor. We used to look at this fragility in documentaries about animals, how they evolved to survive, and how some animals became extinct either because they did not evolve or due to human intervention (or rather destruction).

We need to learn to adapt, but more importantly we need to regain some sort of values to keep us going. the word ‘love’ comes to mind. But love is ambiguous, and many times subjective on its definition. Kindness is another value to consider. and it should be put to practice very often and with no limits. Even a smile can make wonders (though it might be hidden under a mask). It goes a long way.

Patience, and perseverance are other values which need work under current restrictions. The other alternative might not be that good.

The idea of this small blog post is not to indoctrinate, and not even to oversimplify. But rather some words put together to think about while drinking mulled wine and eating stuffed turkey especially this year. So I will stop here.

Dear family, friends, patrons and creatives, I hope you get the meaning of the word love, be considerate, and have patience now more than ever.

I wish everyone a good Christmas, especially the coming new year 2021. It might not be a better year from the one we’re ending. But let us start it with some hope and patience. Let us spread love the way we know it, and also raise our glasses to toast for a brighter horizon, one without fog and with a sprinkle of light we can grasp and appreciate.

And thank you for your enduring support. It means the world to us.

Big Bisous.

Images by Picturesque


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