2021 – Specific Interior Design Trends

The year 2021 is a collective of ideas and experiences we have been accustomed to through the Covid-19 pandemic. This means an overhaul of thinking and acting depending on individual and collective experiences, mainly in our homes, with less travel and less influence from trends. So trends are being determined by experience rather than vice versa. Here are some reflections we have made through personal experience and also research.

  1. The structure is that of simplicity, but Minimalism is over. There is a new concept of the Japanese minimalism mixed with the Scandinavian model’s warmth. Even the Scandinavian model is changing to include more warm colours and freshness. What is also occurring is the idea of Maximalism, but the concept is not that of clutter, but an organised method in defining your rooms with more things, but which are meaningful and strategically placed.
  2. Stability. The concept of stability is one we are craving for, and this is being reflected due to financial constraints as well. But sustainable development is on the increase in the collective consciousness. We are becoming more conscious on consumption and our environment. There is a call for more simple and affordable furnishings and a focus on natural materials such as wood and stone.
  3. There is also an increase of Smart Zoning. The idea means that you create and recreate your space. With a global pandemic keeping us under lockdown, once or even twice, many of us started working full time from home. So it meant that especially for those with small abodes, they had to make do with the bedroom for an office and also the space for video conferencing. So spaces are being created which can be adapted according to circumstances, even according to time of day, and duty at hand.
  4. Closeness to Nature. Missing nature and its wellbeing has been a constant. So 2021 will see a lot of use of natural materials, more use of natural objects such as clay, and a lot of plants. So if you want to keep closer to nature, bring nature to your home.
  5. Mixing Old and New. The concept of mixing styles is nothing new to us, but it is becoming a trend to use old furniture or soft furnishings with new styles. It is also a balancing act of history, or rather yesterday’s style with a more contemporary sleek and plain style. It is a balance between yesteryear, the present and the future.
  6. The year 2021 is all about Aesthetics. Trends, though we are using the word in this context, are becoming more personalised. So aesthetics and personal perceptions are taking the lead. Personal space are becoming more personal as people are realising that, especially now, their living quarters should be an extension of themselves rather than a ready-made recipe.
  7. Pastel Colours are the new Greys and Whites. And thanks Heavens for this, greys and whites are being replaced by softer tones of colours, mainly pastel colours. Greens, pinks, coral, blues and champagne shades are becoming a staple of commodity and a balance with nature. These shades help an individual revitalise as opposed to the flat and dreary shades of things past. All hail pastels!
  8. We are back to Ethnic Flavours. This reflection is from the 90’s, where ethnic shops where all over the place but eventually faltered and were reduced to a couple of shops. Reason being that trends had no space for the new interior construct. But now ethnic designs, items and even murals are taking control and are here to stay. These items, sometimes considered as talismans give a sense of protection and mental well-being, so make sure you display your talismans in pride of place.
  9. A Return of Historical Origins. History has played an integral part during the Covid-19 outbreak, with comparisons make with the latest pandemic a 100 or so years ago. A lot of images resurfaced from that period, which created also a sense of nostalgia. Moreover people had time to think about themselves, from where the come from and their family history. This has been reflected mainly on furniture and furnishings together with decorative items. People are starting to be tuned with what they come from and where they are heading. Apart from nostalgia, people are appreciating more the historical value of things and also memories from their ancestors. It is an important step towards self-preservation, but also to an admission that individualism, and living only the present, may be faulted. Living the present is well, but understanding our own history gives us a stronger understanding and a more meaningful present.
  10. The Eclecticism of the 70’s. Gone are the post-war effects, such as the 50’s period. We are still talking about mid-century, but more on the 70’s period of patterns, colours and styles. The 70’s were avant-garde and daring. So stylistically, having a pattern, a fabric, a lampshade or even a sideboard from that period (even if upcycled) makes a statement of the new avant-garde, or rather the new sentiment of liberation we will be living once Covid-19 is controlled and we can breathe a sigh of relief, and restart living on our fullest capabilities.

Our gut feeling has been telling us that sustainability, aesthetics and an extension of ourselves in our personal space should be the new trends, giving us space to be creative while respecting history but living the present. Tell us what you think of these reflections.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

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