On Being A Creative

Much has been discussed these last years about being ‘a’ creative. And as posh as it sounds, the majority of creatives are office bound in marketing companies, trying their hardest to be inventive in front of a laptop. But who is a creative? And what does it mean?

Here are some thoughts about my personal interpretation.

First of all who can be creative?

Well this is easy enough. Being creative is something which comes natural to as since we are children. If you take time to notice, a lot of children come up with creative ideas on interpretation, coping mechanisms, playfulness and so forth. Unfortunately, formal education being what it is, may hinder or make dormant this urge to be creative. Growing up a lot of things happen in our lives, puberty and adolescence kick in and we are faced with a raw and grim reality. The reality of adulthood and responsibility. We start again thinking of being a bit creative, that innate flair, when we start building our new homes, have children and even plan a holiday. But as to the workplace we are stuck with routine, reducing our aptitude to be inventive and the lack of time. but what about being creative at work? It can simply be some cinnamon in our coffee, a small token on our desk, a thank you email to someone.

And now, who can be a creative?

There are various interpretations and variations but mine is ‘being an artist first and foremost’.

I remember myself starting out creating after a family trauma at the age of 15. I took to colours for inspiration, though at the age of 10 I was all about decoration shop windows which we then owned. And this first love never left. At 15 I started out decorating churches with flowers, and by the age of 22 I had already a thick portfolio of weddings and occasions. A pity that after my brother’s wedding I realised I was becoming allergic to pollen. From the age of 22 I got involved into culture through carnival, which led to various other activities in the artistic sector including, but not only modelling and fashion, dance, organisation, acting and so much more. Then came creative writing, with three published books for adults and one for children under my belt. With them came other creative outputs such as song and video production, directing and various other side projects related to literature. And another step was the creative aspect of taking care of the environment, including furniture restoration and painting, but most notably my presence in local TV stations promoting upcycling and re-loving. With it came the youtube channel. And finally came the co-production and co-presenting of a TV show dedicated to saving nature, upcycling and all sorts of interesting topics.

Also not to forget one’s professional roots. Being qualified as a social worker and having experience in different fields, including a second degree, are all part of the baggage I carry on with me when looking at particular pespectives and at life in general.

These are just some of my involvements as this post is not meant to be my CV.

But the point is, being a creative is having insight into beautification first and foremost, being daring, finding new ways of expressing yourself, and having a yearning to share a part of yourself with others, but remaining true to yourself. That is, whatever I am involved in I leave my imprint, small as it is or as unnoticed as it comes. But there is always a thought, an idea, an inspiration, that keeps me going.

Being a creative becomes more difficult if you are visually inspired. Going places, meeting people, smelling scents, feeling things. And in a situation where we are left to roam more in our living spaces rather than being outside is a great challenge. A creative, like a true artist, can be inspired by a pillow sitting idle on the bed, by the meows of their cat, a dream or a nightmare.

True to oneself, one has to ask how far one can go being creative, and how far one can go by being a creative. I am choosing to be a creative, now more than ever in such a challenging time.

I cannot stop. I cannot call it quits. And I cannot let myself be lost.

Just for now I need to be myself, be inspired by the mundane, keep on yearning, and create accordingly, always having some fun along the way.

Images courtesy of #picturesque


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