Fairytale bedroom

Today we can finally show you an orange pine bedroom which has been transformed into a mix of Victorian and French style.

Our clients wanted a bedroom that is eclectic and yet peaceful, practical but pleasing to the eye. Fast forward to the result after thorough cleaning, all things Frenchic Furniture Paint and mouldings and here is the result. We used Parchment and Green With Envy wall chalk and trim paint, a mix of gold and silver Frensheen and crackle effect on the drawers.

A lot of techniques were used from crackle, blending and plain painting. We also napkin decoupaged the inside drawers of the wardrobe. We are letting it cure before applying wax all over. It was genuinely a labour of love as the process from drab to fab was enjoyed all throughout. Thanks to our friends (they are not just clients anymore) for trusting us in yet another transformation.


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