Time Machine


So, following yesterday’s appearance on TV, where we worked on an old drawer destined to garbage, here it is, staged and named ‘The Time Machine’.

After sanding and a good cleaning, we gave a coat of Cream Dream. Then blended Wise Old Sage with Ol’ Blue Eyes, decoupaged the back, did some stencilling with the three colours, and used some browning wax for an ageing effect.

We sanded a bit only one side for effect. The choice of decoupage was to pass on the message that books, truly, take us to different times and worlds we can only experience when reading. Hence even the choice of books was deliberate.

And the bottle? It reminds us of a message in a bottle and the ship at the back.

Everything was done used Frenchic Furniture Paint.

What’s not to love?!

Even Pepa the black cat loved it!


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