Malta in Jeans


Say hello to ‘Malta in Jeans’!

After a thorough research on historical Maltese pieces during the centuries, it was found out that eclectic furniture used to be painted in greens, blues and reds. So we decided to create an original piece by shading 4 colours, darken the surface and using tints of gold on raised stencilling.

‘Malta in Jeans’ was an ordinary looking mahogany side table seen in many Maltese houses, and now, after a Frenchic Malta and Rescoli by Carlo treatment, has a brand new look!!

And just look at the inside! What a beautiful contrast!

Colours used are 2 mixes of custom made greens, Wedgewood Green, Mother Duck, Flamenco, Ol’ Blue Eyes, Cool Copper and a load of Browning wax.

What do you make out of it?

P.S. This item is currently for sale – price is €390. Contact HERE for more information.


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